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Treasure Hunt, May 13


It’s your friendly neighborhood Treasure Hunter Mike Robles back with another great roundup of tweets, treasures, and more for you to feast your eyes on! Let’s dive in and see what treasures I found this week.


As the guild maze runners all make their ways through the Implicit Maze, you can be sure of guild alliances. We know Teysa Karlov has a hard time walking. So, what better way to make a journey through the maze than to hitch a ride on Tajic, Blade of the Legion? Although to be honest, I don’t think I trust Teysa.

Deathrite Shaman

Source: MTG Fashion

Magic the Gathering Fashions is a great Tumblr. This site shows how a trip shopping can end with your wardrobe influenced by Magic: The Gathering. I find myself checking out the page frequently because it does such a good job of showcasing how easy it is to mix and match your clothes to look like you walked straight off a Magic card. Believe me; I’m a cummerbund away from completing my own version of the Ral Zarek outfit.

Ral and Chandra

Source: Twitter

I cannot express how awesome it is seeing so much cosplay at events. I saw this picture on Twitter, taken at Grand Prix: Bejing. These cosplayers have put some love and care into crafting these costumes. I hope this trend of cosplay at events continues—it shows how Magic is more than just a game.

8-Bit Wallpapers

Source: Imgur

Like any deck box, phone case, or play mat, your phone’s wallpaper is a conversation starter. These 8-Bit guild wallpapers manage to hit that nostalgia button with their retro look. It’s a perfect match that compliments both Ravnica blocks. Click the source link to see the rest of the wallpapers! You can save the images and change your smart phone’s background to represent your guild!

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Source: Tumblr

I love Futurama, and I love play mats. So, when I saw this custom play mat, the first thing that came into my mind was, “Shut Up and Take My Money!” It captures the spirit of the Izzet while keeping the comedy and inevitable outcome of Phillip J. Fry. However, it does cause me to ask, “If you were going to get a Futurama play mat, why not Zoidberg?”

Sign in Blood

Source: Twitter

Let’s run down the checklist: Deck? Check. Counters? Check. Dice? Check. Pen? Check. Play mat? Check. Something to keep score on? Wait. I don’t have one. Like any dedicated Magic: The Gathering player, I have a separate bag just for my Magic items. The one thing I constantly forget is a way to keep track of life. I can use dice, scrap paper, or loose Magic cards. When I saw Heather Dawn (of LegitMTG) tweet out photos of this life counter book, I started looking into it. This book looks like it will be a must-have for any Magic player. Made by Sign in Blood Spell Books, this book sports a sleek, black leather look, all in a compact design so that it doesn’t get in the way of your games! With almost a hundred pages to keep track of your and your opponents’ life totals, it also has a pocket to fit any loose cards you pick up through trades. I am seriously considering acquiring one so I can add it to my Magic bag. You can find yours here.

Top Tweets (This Week)

There was quite the reaction when Wizards of the Coast announced that Slivers would be returning in the 2014 core set. Below are some great reactions along with some other awesome Magic tweets, including some from Grand Prix: Portland!







To end my tweets this week, I bring this comment on the reaction to Slivers from none other than Aaron Forsythe himself:


That’s going to do it for me this week! As always, be sure to leave a comment below or tweet at me if you find something awesome that you’d like to see in my articles! I’m always scouring the Internet trying to find the most interesting treasures. So, until next week, this is Mike Robles hanging out with . . .

Source: Tumblr

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