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Ixalan Art Review


Join Mike Linnemann and TheMagicManSam as they branch out and take on the Ixalan Art Review in vidcast form!

Time Stamps:

Set Themes

3:10 — Maya, Aztec, Inca

5:48 — Dinosaurs

10:39 — Vampire Conquistadors

15:54 — Green Merfolk

20:38 — Planeswalkers are trapped!

Artist Spotlight: Jesper Ejsing

24:00 — Seven pieces!

26:58 — Colossal Dreadmaw

Art Standouts

34:13 — Admiral Beckett Brass

38:25 — Herald of Secret Streams

41:44 — Rowdy Crew

47:30 — Looming Altisaur

52:20 — Rampaging Ferocidon

58:55 — Vanquish the Weak

1:03:46 — Pounce

1:09:30 — Sunpetal Grove

1:13:26 — Walk the Plank

1:18:11 — Duress

1:22:32 — Unknown Shores

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You can find both Sam and Mike on Twitter:

Mike Linnemann: @VorthosMike

TheMagicManSam: @RhysticStudies

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