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MTGO: A Kickstarter


I want to play Magic: The Gathering Online on my Macintosh—my iPad—and do a Draft while I’m waiting for my wife to try on clothes at the outlet mall. I can use the Internet on a plane, but I still cannot play Magic while moving. This has to change and is really just a Kickstarter away from completion.

In order to make it there, we need to start the conversation, poke with a sharper stick. And this article is a template—a mockup, if you will—to get there. It’s a rough draft, the first thing an intern will bring into the office. Please keep that in mind.



Our header starts out, explaining what is to be done and by whom. I’m not a fan of outside companies doing this on behalf of places from the starting blocks. Would they contract this out? Absolutely. I’m sure my boys at The Nerdery would eat living babies to be able to work on this.

That’s easy enough to explain; let’s dive into the first section right away, bingo bango.

I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple and then adding more stuff as the weeks roll by. The leading image should be highly relevant yet retain some of the rough around the edges feel. They need the money for this; it isn’t a Zach Braff foregone conclusion it’ll happen.

I’m a firm believer that when doing levels, you should show as many tiers as possible. Have the most-wanted support first (e.g. Mac OSX) and then tier them down to the lesser-known users with a giant bang at the end. Why not have a stretch goal that would change MTGO forever?

Why the hell not? The levels are as follows:

The levels—ah, of course, the levels! Each section should have an area that a key code is wanted, and I’ve only covered the top and bottom. There would have to be set operating systems to keep the market sections closer to the chest for bug-testing purposes if there is an early release section.

I like the idea of bringing a pseudo-invitational person on card section—God knows it’s way cheaper to make digital tokens of someone compared to a printed card, and it’s an amazing perk.

There is some Magical Christmas Land for Xbox 1 and Playstation 4, but with Evan Erwin in our community, I like to imagine that place.

In addition, WotC would need to explain itself with risks, but in a friendly, comical way—perhaps with Walking the Planes.

The $11 to $749 levels could take weeks to come up with, and I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments, on Twitter, on Reddit, and in my front yard if you’re in Minneapolis—you’ll see me walking my dachshunds, all three of them. Let me know what you think—from, “This is crazy-stupid,” or, “This is sound and logical; why hasn’t this been done yet?” and everything in between.


- Mike

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