Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North
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Mitamura & Takahashi DQed From Japanese Nationals


Left to right: Kazuya Mitamura; Yuuta Takahashi

After judges witnessed a discussion concerning a concession, followed by the discussed concessions, the judge staff investigated both Kazuya Mitamura and Yuuta Takahashi before disqualifying them from the Japanese National tournament. Takahashi was additionally cited for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

The Head Judge, Level 3 judge Naoaki Umesaki issued the following statement:

"Magic exists for everyone to have fun in a competitive but fair environment. It is never a pleasant duty when the DCI has to step in to ensure those standards are upheld, but there are times when that duty becomes necessary to protect the integrity of both the tournament and the game as a whole. The investigation into this matter was extensive, with all judges in full agreement that this was the only course of action available to us. The DCI will investigate further, and take any appropriate action in due course."

Mitamura is currently the 6th ranked player in Japan, with Takahashi ranked 20th. Both players are well known on the Pro Tour. Mitamura perhaps better known as "Chief" given his shaggy hair and often cited as a leader among the Japanese player contingents, he won Pro Tour Honolulu in 2009. Yuuta Takahashi is the first player to win back to back Japanese Grand Prixes, after his win at GP Kobe in 2008.

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