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In League with Morgan: U/R Eldrazi Redux


I enjoy control decks quite a lot. Eldritch Moon seems like it offers a few more tools for control decks than Standard had before, so I decided to visit an old favorite of mine (featured a couple months ago) and brew up a way to take control of Standard with some new cards.

Deck Tech

Match 1: G/W Humans

Match 2: Abzan Control

Match 3: Jund Midrange

Match 4: R/W Aggro

Match 5: U/R Eldrazi

One thing that really stuck out to me while I was playing this deck was how terrible the front end of Kozilek's Return is right now. Between Reflector Mage, Sylvan Advocate, and Thalia's Lieutenant, the magic number is 3, so K-Return does not really cut it anymore. Fortunately, Red gets another board-clearing spell in Nahiri's Wrath. This deck can be built with enough cards that deal 3 to each of 3 creatures that we get a good shot of surviving assaults like the one seen in round 4. For example, Imprisoned in the Moon is another great removal spell to add to our arsenal.

Drawing cards is important to me. So, when I saw Scour the Laboratory, I was very excited. Geist of the Archives is another creature that may not be good enough right now, due to all of the Collected Company running around, but keep an eye out for it once the format stops putting five creatures on the battlefield in a single turn!

Of course, we get a few more tools than just some spells from Eldritch Moon. How about some betentacled monsters? Eldrazi Skyspawner looks even better when it is powering out Elder Deep-Fiend. It also puts a creature into the graveyard early to reduce the cost of Emrakul, the Promised End.

This deck seems very cool. Once Eldritch Moon comes out, don’t be afraid to give it a shot! The only one who should be scared is your opponent.

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