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MTG Fast Finance Episode 210


Left: James Chillcott (@mtgcritic) Right: Travis Allen (@wizardbumpin)

Segment 1: Fast Movers

Your hosts recount the price motion on cards including Splinter twin, Orim's Chant, Ghostfire Blade, Elvish Mystic foils and more.

Segment 2: Cards to Watch

James and Travis talk over cards that may see an uptick within the year, including Generous Gift, Mystical Dispute, Nyxbloom Ancient, Guardian Project and Dovin's Veto.

Segment 3: Metagame Week in Review

The guys break down the coolest decks from recent MTGO Pioneer leagues and challenges.

Segment 4: Topic of the Week

The guys talk over the impact of Mystery Booster foils and provide some insight as to possible impact from the COVID virus on the Magic economy.

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