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New Video Promo for DotP 2012 - "Gideon Jura"


Wizards is beginning it's marketing campaign for Magic 2012, the following video spot appeared on GameSpot.com.


My name is Gideon. And I'm about to die. I was born of a world long since destroyed. Some say I played a hand in its destruction. Less charitable voices say I was the sole cause of its demise. I cared little at the time because I was blinded by my own self-righteous fury. But then a reckoning came upon me. I found others who could travel between worlds whose beliefs conflicted with my own. I was humbled by their power and tempered by their convictions. I resolved to learn from my opponents. I would do better. Be better. And fight the very kind of tyrant I had become. For years I stood alone in countless battles, I've won every time. Until now. I've given my all but it wasn't enough. But I have a plan. I've done the one thing my opponent can never do. I've made allies out of enemies.

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