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Luis Salvatto Sieges the Super Sunday Series!


The Super Sunday Series is in the books! Invitations to the tournament were won in qualifiers taking place on Day Two of various Grand Prx throughout the course of the previous season. Players did battle in three Fate Reforged infused formats: Booster Draft, Standard, and Sealed Draft, where three packs were opened and set aside while another three packs were drafted.

The top 8 showcased the new Standard and at the end of day two Luis Salvatto and his Red-White Aggro deck was up against Oscar Christensen and Reg-Green Monsters. Christensen was able to win game one on the back of a draw accelerated by Elvish Mystic and Rattleclaw Mystic. Game two saw Salvatto flood the board with tokens and set up a board state where an Outpost Siege set to Dragons left Oscar backed into a corner. Game three saw the red-green mage accelerate with an Elvish Mystic but once more Luis summoned his token army and took off turn four to play the Siege again, this time set to Khans. The extra card every turn proved enough as Luis Salvatto ended the day with his trophy held high.

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