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Matsumoto Crusades to Victory at Grand Prix Chiba


The first Grand Prix of Modern Masters 2015 Weekend is in the books! Grand Prix Chiba was the largest event in Japanese history with 3,551 players on Saturday morning. That number eventutally dwindled down to the final eight, then two, then one.

The finals pitted 2011 World Champion Junya Iyanaga and his Black-Green Sacrifice deck against Yuki Matsumoto and his Blue-White Artifact deck. Game one went to the former World Champion and game two went to Matsumoto on the back of Mirran Crusader, which effectively had protection from Iyanaga's entire deck.

Game three had both players come right out of the gates but an army of Spirit tokens from Matsumoto was able to pick up some equipment and soar over Iyanaga's defenses to become the champion of Grand Prix Chiba.

Congratulations to Yuki Matsumoto, the first champion of Modern Masters 2015 Weekend!

More information about Grand Prix Chiba can be found at the official coverage.

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