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A New Era of Magic Storytelling


Today in Uncharted Realms, Jenna Helland shared with the world how the Magic story is going to be told moving forward, starting with Magic Origins.

Are the Vorthoses ready? Cause here we go.

We learned the home planes and first Planeswalk plane for our five major characters and also the date where their story will be told in Uncharted Realms.

  • Chandra, from Kaladesh, Planeswalks to Regatha and will have her story told on June 10th.
  • Liliana, from Dominaria, Planeswalks to Innistrad and will have her story told on June 17th.
  • Jace, from Vryn, Planeswalks to Ravnica and will have his story told on June 24th.
  • Gideon, from Theros, Planeswalks to Bant and will have his story told on July 1st.
  • Nissa, from Zendikar, Planeswalks to Lorwyn and will have her story told on July 8th.
  • Helland also outlined three guiding principles for the new storytelling model:

    1. Story Should Be Accessible

    Increasingly, you're going to see story moments featured on cards (รก la Deicide and Crux of Fate). We're working with the design team to infuse story into the DNA of some cards, and this collaboration continues through development and into the concepting stage. But it's challenging to depict a linear narrative in randomized still images so we have found other venues to delve more deeply into story, specifically Uncharted Realms. Tarkir block marks the first time we released sequential, plot-relevant stories on the web site. The response has been fantastic, and we plan to continue to deliver the storyline in a weekly column.

    2. Story Should Be Aligned

    Our storytelling approach is about alignment across many venues. No matter where someone first experiences the Magic story, we want them to understand what's happening in the current storyline. Each venue needs to be able to do what it does best, while staying true to the Magic story. And, ideally, each venue should offer something slightly unique. For example, Uncharted Realms is the place to go for the narrative details, while Magic Duels: Origins allows you to experience the stories through game play and story-focused illustrations. And you'll see new story venues in the months to come as we expand our trans-media storytelling efforts.

    3. Story Should Be Relevant

    Years ago, I read Alan Moore's Writing for Comics, and he had a section on the meaning of stories. He drew a distinction between what happens in the story and what the story is about. Of course the characters are doing something in the story, but those actions should add up to something larger, some relatable connection to the human experience. Moore's book was a major turning point in how I approached writing, and it transformed how I think about the fantasy genre. A character might ride dragons or shoot fireballs out of her fingertips but, despite the fantastical context, the emotions she experiences should be relatable to a modern audience.

    Finally we were introduced to the new Magic story team, which includes Doug Beyer, Kelly Digges, Jenna Helland, Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levtich, Mel Li, and James Wyatt.

    The new era kicks off with Magic Origins and looks to provide a more immersive storytelling experience.

    For more information be sure to check out Helland's article.

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