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Michael Malone Collects the Trophy at Grand Prix Charlotte


Grand Prix Charlotte showcased the diversity of the Modern format. Day 2 featured 311 players on 54 different archetypes that represented everything from the expected to the fringe to the completely unanticipated.

In the end, only eight remained - piloting seven different archetypes. The lone repeat deck was Blue-Red Twin - a mirror that concluded in the quarterfinals with Platinum aspirant Sam Pardee falling to Wesley See. It was Wesley who took his deck all the way to the finals, facing off against Michael Malone and he Elves deck powered by Collected Company.

Wesley See started off the finals with a game loss. A Cavern of Souls in See's deck had been registered as a Tectonic Edge. The Deck List Error was caught after the semi-finals. As such, the penalty of a game loss was assessed at the start of the finals.

Modern continues to evolve. Before the weekend Amulet of Vigor and Summer Bloom were on everyone's radar but failed to crack the elimination rounds. Dragons of Tarkir made its presence felt between Collected Company and Kolaghan's Command. What's in store for Modern? We'll find out next week at Grand Prix Copenhagen.

Congratulations to Michael Malone, your Grand Prix Charlotte Champion! Fore more information on the Grand Prix, check out the official coverage.

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