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Spellslingers Season 2 is Coming


Year over year, Magic has been on a growth trend that continues to defy expectations. With it emerging in today's cultural zeitgeist it's no wonder that unique media and designer cross-overs are all the rage with the game.

Sean Plott—better known as Day[9]—is a longtime gamer, StarCraft player and a Magic fan that's both been invited to the Pro Tour and stars in Geek & Sundry's web series Spellslingers, which is all about sharing just how awesome Magic is to play. Magic must be booming as the series is slated for a second season.

While players that have been around awhile may not be as interested in Plott's lighthearted series, introducing and sharing the game beyond the halls of local game stores and Grand Prix is an important element to the game's continued growth. We'll be tuning in July 17th to see what new twists the second season brings. Will you?

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