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Magic Online v3 Shuts Down Today


As announced a few weeks ago, v3 of the Magic Online client will be retired today during weekly downtime.

However, there were a few changes coming with the complete transition to the Beta client announced as well:

From today's Magic Online news announcements:

  • Planeswalker Deck Packs and Duel Decks products will no longer be release on Magic Online. (The digital Planeswalker format uses "Planeswalker" cards that are untradable, gold-borders, and unusable in formats outside of the Planeswalker format, but were at fixed rarity in each Planeswalker Deck Packs release.)
  • Until August 13, 2014 rounds on Magic Online will be 60 minutes, 10 minutes longer than the current 50 minute length. (Rounds had previously been longer on Magic Online and were changed from from 60 to 50 minutes in 2011.)
  • A "New to Magic Online" Standard Queue will pay out in new Magic 2015 five card packs. (Most of the packs will be three command and two uncommons, with one-in-five packs featuring a rare or mythic rare instead of an uncommon. Premium versions of cards will be included as well.The set will rotate and update as new sets are released on Magic Online.)

Of course, like most of the beta testing period and v3 discussion, the imminent switch to the formerly Beta client is not being received well:

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