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Jones and Tocco are Champions Eternal!


Eternal Weekend 2014 is in the books! For the past two days hundreds of Magic players dueled with the entire history of the game at their disposal.

After going undefeated in the Swiss rounds, Kevin Jones continued his winning ways in the Top 8. Piloting Blue-Red Delver fueled by four copies of Treasure Cruise, the only blemish on Jones' record was a solitary draw. Going home with a painting sized alternate art of Gaea's Cradle, Kevin Jones is the 2014 Legacy Champion!

With a later start in the day, the Vintage Champs carried on well into the night before coming to a close on Monday morning. Though some incredibly complex board states, including a Semifinal match against Ryan Eberhart that shattered the notion that Vintage is a "one turn format," Tocco went on to clinch the champs with a first turn Oath of Druids into Timewalk for the concession against runner-up Dario Moreno.

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