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Commander 2014 Decklists Revealed


In today's Arcana, the full decklists for the five mono-colored Commander 2014 preconstructed decks were revealed. These decks feature exciting new Planeswalkers and Legends from across Magic's history, including blasts from the past Freyalise, Ob Nixilis, and Teferi as well as newcomers like Nahiri and Daretti. We've also got a plethora of new monsters and splashy spells custom designed for your multiplayer madness.

The White deck, Forged in Stone, features exactly the themes we expect out of pure white decks. Swarms of creature tokens backed by sweepers, Equipment, and a chorus of Angels to bring everything home. Hit the board fast, take to the skies, and crush your opponents with your True Conviction to your Commander, Nahiri.

The Blue deck is Peer Through Time and features all manner of monstrous illusions and temporal tricks. Take commander of this crew of Sea Serpents and Sphinxes and bury your opponent in cards and countermagic. Teferi will lock your opponents under a pile of counterspells, bounce, and Brine Elementals.

The Black deck is Sworn to Darkness, and is led by Ob Nixilis backed by a horde of Demons ready to devour your opponents. Removal and reanimation are Black's key themes, ensuring that none of your opponents creatures stay alive - at least until you've recruited them. Sign in Blood at the dotted line, and Ob Nixilis will be yours to command.

The Red deck is Built from Scratch and features a menagerie of Artifact monstrosities led by Deretti, Scrap Savant. Deretti is a master of artifice and always has the perfect machine for the job. Bury your opponents under a mountain of Myr and Wurmcoil Engines with Deretti's expert engineering.

The Green deck is Guided by Nature and features Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury leading an elven Army into battle. Overwhelm your opponent with your fast mana and crush them with an Overwhelming Stampede of forest creatures. Llanowar itself will rise up against your opponents with Freyalise and Titania at your side.

[Cardlist title=Guided By Nature - Commander 2014]

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