Dice Tower Con 2019
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Eduardo dos Santos Vieira Wins Grand Prix Santiago


Grand Prix Santiago is in the books! Eduardo dos Santos Vieira was the last magician standing at the end of two days, using his innovative Abzan deck to take out Rodrigo Soto in the finals. Piloting a graveyard centered version of Abzan, complete with Whip of Erebos, Hornet Queen, and Soul of Theros, dos Santos Vieira was able to extract extra value from his army of enters-the-battlefield triggers.

Rodrigo Sto took Abzan Aggro to the final table. Not as aggressive as the Abzan Aggro decks from Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir, Soto relied on a duo of Planeswalkers to help his long game. Soto also packed three copies of Anafenze, the Foremost, but her ability to grind her enemies into dust was not enough in the face of dos Santos Vieira's Souls.

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