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Shahar Shenhar Repeats as World Champion!


Three days of competition left only two mages battling for the title of World Champion. Patrick "the Innovator" Chapin sought to follow the path he set for himself after winning Pro Tour Journey into Nyx and win the title for himself. Chapin reached the finals of Worlds 2007 only to fall to Israeli Uri Peleg. After dispatching Kentaro Yamamoto in three crisp games Chapin found himself at the final table once again.

Shahar Shenhar, representing Israel, stood in Chapin's path. Shenhar won the World Championships last year and was poised to take the title once more after taking down one of the games' greats in Yuuya Wantanabe in four games. If Shenhar could take the final match he would be Magic's first two-time World Champion.

It only took three games but Sharhar Shenhar's Sidisi Whip deck took down Patrick Chapin's Abzan Midrange. The story that began in May with Chapin's Pro Tour victory came to an end but Shenhar's story as Magic's first two-time WorldChampion is just beginning.

Congratulations to Shahar Shenhar, your 2014 World Champion!

For more information on the event check out the official coverage.

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