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Masaaki's Machines Marched on Singapore


In the third Modern Grand Prix in three weeks it was time for another staple of the format to shine: Hitomi Masaaki's Affinity assembled final victory at Grand Prix Singapore. It was a robot-filled showdown in the finals against Steven Tan, who defeated the talented Reid Duke playing a Jund deck he hadn't planned on using:

While Modern is slipping back into the small store stage it's also popular for, through the past few weeks the format has shown both the tenacity of its best archetypes as well as the diversity of decks ready to change that. Answering "What will you play in Modern?" is now tougher than it ever was before.

Congratulations again to Hitomi Masaaki, champion of Grand Prix Singapore! For more action on the weekend check out the complete coverage of Grand Prix Singapore on MagicTheGathering.com.

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