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MTG Card Quiz


Time for another Magic: The Gathering quiz! In each of the following ten questions, something has been removed from a card. Identify what is missing in the question that follows. Good luck!

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What rules text is missing from this creature?

[poll id="296"]

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What is the name of this creature?

[poll id="297"]

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How much loyalty does this planeswalker ultimate ability cost?

[poll id="298"]

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How powerful and tough is this creature?

[poll id="299"]

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What type of creature is this?

[poll id="300"]

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How much does this planeswalker cost?

[poll id="301"]

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Which artwork belongs on this card?

[poll id="302"]

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What expansion set is this card from?

[poll id="303"]

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Who did the art for this card?

[poll id="304"]

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What is the rarity of this card?

[poll id="305"]

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