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Playing Real Magic With 80 Cards And 0 Lands


The spell lands from Zendikar Rising have changed a lot about how we build our decks. With the ability to add utility to a resource that doesn't usually offer it, we have been able to make our decks more spell dense while also including powerful but narrow cards that have the failsafe of being lands if they don't line up properly. However, it has also produced a crazy side effect.

Balustrade Spy
Undercity Informer

I'll bet that when the Wizards of the Coast set designers came up with the "mill until you hit a land" mechanic seen on Balustrade Spy and Undercity Informer, they thought they were just doing a variation on mill that had an interesting cap. While it did spawn some off the wall "Oops All Spells" decks in formats with a lot of fast mana or Dark Ritual effects, there's no way they could have known this would be possible in a deck with a bunch of lands. If you can put your entire deck into your graveyard in a game of Magic you can usually find a way to win, and I'll bet those designers had no idea this would be so easy in the future!

Turntimber Symbiosis

Hagra Mauling
Bala Ged Recovery

Well the future, and Zendikar Rising, is here and it most certainly is easy!

Time Stamps:

00:05:02 - Match 1

00:23:05 - Match 2

00:49:58 - Match 3

01:01:00 - Match 4

01:18:20 - Match 5

Who would have thought that playing with a one card combo would be good!

Paradise Druid
Abrupt Decay

While I'm a bit unsure about Yorion and being 80 cards (although it does make sense because the deck is so redundant and you have a good amount of cards you don't want to draw), the build of this deck is just pure genius. Being able to play essentially a normal Magic deck with lands, mana creatures, and interaction like Thoughtseize alongside a simple one card combo is awesome, even if the cost is many of your lands entering the battlefield tapped.

Haunted Dead
Driven // Despair
Worldspine Wurm

Everything from Worldspine Wurm so you don't deck, to Haunted Dead to rebuy on Worldspine Wurm or Prized Amalgams, to Driven // Despair for the extra kill potential is just beautiful design. And the good news is that it's no fluke! We had a smooth sailing ride to 5-0 this league, showing clear that this deck isn't a joke.

This deck is art.

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