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Remi Fortier Given 1 Year Ban


Remi Fortier Wins Pro Tour Valencia 2007

As reported by, Pro Tour Champion Remi Fortier has been banned for 1 year by the DCI for "match fraud." Remi Fortier broke onto the competitive scene when he won Pro Tour Valencia in 2007 at the age of 16 years old. Remi defeated Andre Mueller in the finals 3-2 to win the event. As of July 19th, Remi had a 1909 constructed rating. He had acquired 2 Pro Points for the 2010 season, and 70 lifetime.

It should be noted that a number of pros, including members of the Hall of Fame, have undergone bans for various lengths of time. Some maintain innocence, others admit that the competitive drive got the better of them and that they made poor decisions. Whatever the case with Remi, it is unlikely that this is the end of his Magic career.

The DCI Infraction Procedure Guide defines "Match Fraud" as:

A person intentionally and knowingly violates or misrepresents rules, procedures, personal information, or any other relevant tournament information. Note that Fraud, like most cheating, is determined by an investigation and will often appear on the surface as a Game Play Error or Tournament Error.

We do not know the specifics of what occurred, nor where, but that provides some idea of what the Judges believed that Remi was doing to earn the one year ban.

For a full listing of the current bans by the DCI, visit this page.