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The Magic Studio #1: Darwin Kastle


Welcome to The Magic Studio. This episode is an interview with Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame member Darwin Kastle.


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0:00 - 0:15 – Intro

0:15 - 2:03 – What drew you get into Magic?

2:03 - 4:08 – Why did the players in NE part of USA have an advantage over the rest of magic community when it first started?

4:08 - 6:21 – What were the challenges of making a living while playing magic?

6:21 - 7:46 – How difficult was it qualify for the pro tour by dialing into it?

7:46 - 10:12 – He was the last person to play in all the pro tours from 1996 to 2004 the difficulty in doing that?

10:12 - 14:24 – Your success has been in limited do you consider yourself a limited specialist?

14:24 - 19:32 – Do the players today have an advantage of being successful in limited because of Moto?

19:32 - 21:23 – What did you do to understand the metagame back then?

21:23 - 23:30 – How special was it to have one of the 11 limited card made after winning the invitational?

23:30 - 24:40 – When I say Darwin Kastle Hall of Famer what does that mean to you?

24:40 - 26:06 – How difficult was it to play in "Wild West" era of magic?

26:06 - 27:55 – Who was your biggest rival?

27:55 - 28:44 – Was the amount of time you played on the Pro Tour the reason why you got elected into the Hall of Fame?

28:44 to End – Do you feel that people hold that against you for being a Hall of Famer?

You can reach the show at TheMagicStudio1@gmail.com or on Twitter as @TheMagicStudio.

The show will be available exclusively through Gatheringmagic.com and iTunes.

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