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The Magic Studio #6: Zac Hill

This is The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. I'd like to thank—where you can find this show and some of the best articles in Magic—and Our guest this week is Zac Hill.


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0:00 – 0:20 – Intro to the show

0:20 – 2:40 – What got Zac Hill to be a developer for Magic: The Gathering?

2:40 – 3:59– Who made the offer to you for you to work for WotC?

3:59 – 5:55 –When you first arrived there, what where some of the challenges you had to overcome?

5:55 – 7:25 – When you come to R&D, don’t people feel that they are going to change how it works?

7:25 – 11:18 – What is your vision of R&D in the future?

11:18 –15:24 – What was the original design of Snapcaster Mage?

15:24 – 17:03 – When the players became frustrated with Snapcaster Mage, did you take personally?

17:03 – 21:25 – With the Magic community as fickle as it is, does that make your job harder to do?

21:25 – 22:08 – What was the card you developed that R&D said was not going to work?

22:08 – 22:39 – What made you insist so hard to say this card would work?

22:39 – 23:39 – Was there a card made that disappointed you?

23:39 – 25:27 – You made a 2bb Demon within the past few sets that never seemed to work; could it have been made to work?

25:27 – 27:01 – What was it like to play competitive Magic again?

27:01 – 28:56 – You got to work Zvi and Sam Black on the deck you played at the event; when you listened to them about this deck, how much did the R&D come out versus the player?

28:56 – 31:05– What were your first thoughts when WotC approached you for coverage?

31:05 – 33:59 – Coverage has changed thanks to WotC and StarCityGames; where do you see it going?

33:59 – 34:38 – Who would you like to work with in coverage whom you haven’t worked with?

34:38 – 37:38 – Should the Junior Series comeback?

37:38 – To End – Can you tell the people what you are doing now to pursue your dream?