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Snack Time #5 — Interacting with Artists


Welcome to another episode of Snack Time with Mike and Ant. In this episode, Mike and Ant sit down and discuss everything that goes into interacting with artists, whether it be through the mail or in person at a convention.

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Flavor Gems for This Week

Useful Links

Useful Images

Image via rk post’s Tumblr

Image via Mike Linnemann at Grand Prix Portland 2014

Images via rk post’s Tumblr

Bonus Flavor

rk post goes to a ton of events. Sometimes, if he needs to travel pretty far to make it there, he will draw up a unique play mat to be sold specifically at that event. Often, he will draw this play mat on the plane ride over.

If you are an rk post fan as I am, going to your local event early may mean the difference between snatching up an exclusive play mat and losing it to someone else. The early bird gets cool swag.

Randy drew this bad boy on the trip to PA. I mean, that’s insane—and awesome. And I want one.



Here is a $2 bill—because apparently Mike thinks the average Magic player has access to this unique and ancient currency—and that they will be using said legal tender to tip an artist. Sorry, Mike, but I couldn't let that one slide!

To be fair, I guess if I were an artist and someone tipped me with this piece of history, that individual would earn preferential treatment.

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