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Snack Time #9 — DTK with JJ and CK


Welcome to another episode of Snack Time with Mike and Ant. In this episode, Mike and Ant are joined by Wizards of the Coast Creative Team members Colin Kawakami and Jeremy Jarvis. Also, we have a Dragons of Tarkir preview card!


Mike Linnemann Colin Kawakami

Art Silo Creative Manager

Jeremy Jarvis

Senior Art Director

Ant Tessitore

Flavor Gem for This Week

Useful Links

Useful Chart

Creative Team Org Chart

Creative Team Org Chart

Art Silo Story Silo
Manager Colin Kawakami Manager Jenna Helland
Senior Art Director Jeremy Jarvis Senior Writer Doug Beyer
Senior Art Director Dawn Murin Writer Kimberly Kreines
Art Director Mark Winters Writer Ari Levitch
Art Director Cynthia Shepherd Senior Writer James Wyatt
Digital Art Director Robert Chamberlain Writer Kelly Digges
Concept Artist Sam Burley
Graphic Designer Liz Leo

Useful Images

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

(German: Der Wanderer ueber dem Nebelmeer by Caspar David Friedrich, 1818)

Old-School JJ Art (Original image found here)

Fate Reforged/Khans of Tarkir Visual Land Changes

Jeskai Bell Visual Gag

Tea Time Is Over

Sarkhan’s Head Mirrored the Bauble Between the Horns of Bolas

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Snack Time with Mike and Ant — snacktimethepodcast at gmail dot com — Twitter

Ant Tessitore — TwitterArticles

Mike Linnemann — TwitterArticles

Colin Kawakami — Twitter

Jeremy Jarvis — E-mail for budding illustrators

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