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Snack Time #17 — Matt Cavotta


Welcome to another episode of Snack Time with Mike and Ant. In this episode, Mike and Ant sit down with inventor of the term Vorthos, Matt Cavotta, to talk about . . . Vorthos! (Duh!)

Happy Tenth Birthday, Vorthos!

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Mike Linnemann
Matt Cavotta
Vorthos’s Dad
Ant Tessitore

Flavor Gems for This Week

Warren Weirding
Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
Protean Hulk

Useful Links

Useful Images

Image found here

Gorilla Titan
Hot Soup

Wreak Havoc
Protean Hulk

Ten Years of Vorthos

The Kamigawa Period

Chisei, Heart of Oceans
Horizon Seed
Hundred-Talon Strike
Kami of the Palace Fields
Pain's Reward
Shinen of Life's Roar

Same Game or Not?

Matt’s Extra Flavor Gem Extravaganza

Flavor-Text Faves

Underdog-Art Faves

Connected Flavor Text

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