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  • New Standard Brews from the Arena MCQ

    CovertGoBlue joins CoolStuff Content and talks about some of the interesting lists from the Arena MCQ!
  • Runaway Red Deck and More Standard Standouts

    Mike checks out a few of the more interesting developments in the recent Standard League standouts!
  • Building with Flavor: Tahngarth, First Mate

    Jay embraces the flavor once more and builds a vorthos-inspired deck around Tahngarth, First Mate from Commander 2019!
  • Is Greven Too Broken?

    Abe discovers the new Greven from Commander 2019 is very powerful! Maybe too powerful.
  • Sudden Substitution in Oathbreaker

    Giving is better than receiving, especially when your foes would give anything to escape your gifts.
  • Cartel Aristocrats #154: Ahead of Vegas

    The Aristocrats talk about GP Minneapolis, Commander 2019, Core Set 2020, and more!
  • Be Your Own Best Friend with Chandra Tribal

    Jim Davis becomes his own best friend as he takes on Standard with a Chandra Tribal deck!
  • A Post-Hogaak World

    Rudy takes a look at some deck with the chance to succeed in a Modern without Hogaak!
  • Lies Magic Players Tell

    From playtesting to cheating, eSports to Commander, Danny West takes a close examination of what we think we know about Magic: the Gathering and how what we don't know could kill it.
  • Sowing Dread with Grismold

    Stephen talks about a legend he ignored from the Commander 2019 Faceless Menace deck, Grismold, the Dreadsower!