Black Friday Madness: Part I
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  • Modern Humans with Jim Davis

    Jim wonders why he ever stopped playing Humans as he takes it into a Modern League on Magic Online!
  • Determining the Best Deck

    Bruce gets hypothetical to figure out what qualifies as the best deck in Commander!
  • Gift Giving for Commander Players

    The Holiday Season is upon us and Stephen is here with gift suggestions for the Commander Players in your life!
  • Rudy Drafts Core Set Cube

    Rudy has a craving for Core Set Cube, and Magic Online is happy to provide!
  • Pro Tour Prediction Results

    Jim goes over his Pro Tour predictions to see how well he did at calling the state of Standard!
  • Brewing Rainbow Omniscience

    Ali just can't stop brewing, breaking down two new lists for this incredible Standard format!
  • Reaching Beyond Pauper: A New Level

    Kendra takes one more crack at her Reaching Beyond Pauper series after the major Magic Online announcements!
  • Innovation Post-Pro Tour

    Mike Likes highlights some of the innovation happening in Standard post Pro Tour!
  • Top Ten Rath Block Cards

    Abe presents his choices for the Top Ten cards from Rath Block!
  • Overcoming Physical Challenges with Control

    Adrian discusses how you can save time by paying attention to how you physically play Magic!