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  • Be Your Own Best Friend with Chandra Tribal

    Jim Davis becomes his own best friend as he takes on Standard with a Chandra Tribal deck!
  • A Post-Hogaak World

    Rudy takes a look at some deck with the chance to succeed in a Modern without Hogaak!
  • Lies Magic Players Tell

    From playtesting to cheating, eSports to Commander, Danny West takes a close examination of what we think we know about Magic: the Gathering and how what we don't know could kill it.
  • Sowing Dread with Grismold

    Stephen talks about a legend he ignored from the Commander 2019 Faceless Menace deck, Grismold, the Dreadsower!
  • Keep Calm and Pramikon

    Bruce talks about a format he remembers fondly and how Pramikon, Sky Rampart fits right in!
  • The Future of Magic Esports and Organized Play

    Jim breaks down the recent Organized Play announcements, giving his thoughts on the future of professional Magic!
  • Modern Horizons and Death and Taxes

    Adrian falls back on an old favorite and sees how Modern Horizons has changed it in Legacy!
  • Commander 2019 - Mystic Intellect

    Abe rounds out Commander 2019 Week by quietly speculating on flashback and the Mystic Intellect deck!
  • YMTGT Episode #18 - The Player Hater's Tour

    This week, Joey and bigheadjoe discuss "The Future of Magic Esports" in Yo! MTG Taps!
  • Doesn't Matter if You're Black and White

    Mike is back with some exciting Orzhov decklists!