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The Deck Tease #77 – Tipping the Scales


The original Lady Planeswalker Tifa Robles (formerly Tifa Meyen) returns to the show to dish about what's going on with Lady Planeswalker Society and, more importantly, herself!

First up, Tifa talks about where she developed a love for all things gaming and how she learned to play Magic. Then, Erin and Tifa share their experiences with the competitive scene and how they inspired Tifa to want to change things for the better. Last, Tifa recalls how she met her husband, talks about what was behind her decision to leave Wizards of the Coast, and gives her opinion on recent occurrences regarding equality in the Magic community.



You can subscribe to the show via the RSS feed for The Deck Tease or on iTunes. You can also download this week's episode.

The Cast

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