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The Deck Tease #90 – Randy Buehler's Day Off


On this episode of The Deck Tease, Randy Buehler swings by to reflect on his life spent making and playing Magic!

To get things started, Randy talks about his time in the coverage booth and how he responds to all of the feedback. Next, he shares stories from his time as a competitive Magic player and the famous faces he met along the way. Last, Randy talks about his time as lead developer, what he would have done differently if he were still in charge, and what he thinks about his daughter wanting to follow in his footsteps.


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The Cast

  • Erin Campbell – @OriginalOestrus – Host of The Deck Tease
  • Randy Buehler – @rbuehler – Commentator for Wizards of the Coast event coverage, former lead developer for Wizards of the Coast Research & Development, Hall of Fame member

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