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This Week in Magic - 11/11-11/18



Standard and Block

  • Updating the Gauntlet—Nick Spagnolo surveys the lay of  the land in Standard as the community turns its eyes to Worlds.
  • Raving about Worlds—($SCG) Gerry Thompson looks to take control of the meta with a little  help from  Desperate Ravings.
  • How the Wolf  Runs—Alexander Shearer  explores Wolf Run variants with all their various  splashes and sweepers.
  • GW Tokens—Josh Silvestri has been winning big on the back of the Hero of the Bladehold and an army of tokens.
  • Transform All Humans—Mike Cannon’s werewolf tribal deck takes full advantage of Moonmist.
  • Scars of Mirrodin—Justin Turner’s mechanics overview series continues with this standard-legal block.
  • Single Set Constructed—($SCG) Brad Nelson encourages players to get in on Innistrad block while the getting is good.


Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Analyzing the Legacy Metagame—($SCG) Patrick Chapin’s tallies recent results and ranks  the viable decks in the current gauntlet.
  • A Slow Ascent—Frustrated with Threshold dominating the format?  Blame Canada!
  • Playing Dead Odds—Alexander Shearer runs the numbers on Dredge and mulligan decisions.
  • Hive Mind—Michael Caffrey illustrates the Hive Mind combo in Legacy.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Reader Requested Elves—Cassidy Silver revises a reader’s Rhys the Redeemed to showcase some of the most powerful  cards in GW. 
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper—Sean McKeown lets the good times role with his new Reaper King Commander build. 
  • The DW Project—Sheldon Menery builds a Riku deck for Poker Star and Magic Pro David Williams. 
  • Graveborn Review—Ertai’s Lament opens the Graveborn box and provides his  assessment  of the total package before pitting it against Fire and  Lightning. 
  • Vorthos loves Graveborn—Mike Linnemann reviews the newest premium deck that’s sure to infuse kitchen table graveyards with some new artwork. 
  • Core Set Challenge—Abe Sargent will be designing his own core set and invites readers to play along at home.  Find out how to join the contest! Read about Abe’s Horde build, Germ Warfare


  • Pack to Power—Chas Andres traded his way from a pack of Zendikar with a Verdant Catacombs to an Alpha Mox Sapphire.
  • Getting the Cards—Francis Toussaint feels that connections are just as important as  collections for those looking to compete in the current marketplace.

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