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This Week in Magic 11/18-11/24



Standard and Block

  • A Quick Look at Fireball Steel—Josh Silvestri has the low down on the Tempered Steel deck that took the CF team to new heights at Worlds.
  • Standard Metagame at Worlds—Tempered Steel may have made the biggest splash, but it was only 5 percent of the field.  Michael Martin breaks down what the other 95% of players were running.
  • Worlds—($SCG) Gerry Thompson discusses Standard and Modern in the wake of Worlds.
  • Team Canada’s  Standard Decks—KYT runs down the decklists piloted by our neighbors to the north.
  • Examining Solar Flare—Chingsung Chang discusses the disparity between Day of Judgement and BSZ and shares his latest build.
  • My Dearest Olivia—($SCG) Patrick Chapin has had his eye on Olivia since his set review, but he finally stepped out on the town with his best girl this weekend.
  • The Players of Innistrad Block—Jonathan Sukenik lists a Mentor of the Meek, a Slayer of the Wicked, and a relentless planeswalker amongst the most powerful cards in Innistrad.
  • Unorthodox Strategies in Standard—Adam Koska goes outside of the box with builds like UR Delver and Wolf Run Robots.


  • Drafting with Matteo—Matteo Orsini Jones gets passed a 2nd pick Mayor of Avabruck and goes all-in on RG werewolves.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Post-Worlds Legacy—Nick Spagnolo wonders just how low these Legacy curves can go.
  • Why I Came to Game—Mark Hornung discusses his love of and dedication to Vintage format.
  • The Legacy Banned List: A Review—($SCG) Ari Lax on the cards that survived the banhammer… for now.
  • Modern Errayo—Jacob Van Lunen works to lock his Modern opponents out of the game with the combo of Etherswon Canonist and Errayo.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Good Kitty—Jack LaCroix and his Sharuum build are gunning for the combo player at the Commander table.
  • Lady of Scrolls—Adam Barnello sleeves up a slew of wizards in this mono-blue Commander deck.
  • Savra, the Machine Gun—Ben McDole mows down his Commander competition with the Queen of the Golgari. 
  • 3D Zeddru—Andrew Sitte’s three dimensional homage to the Minotaur Monk comes complete with the five harshest gifts from the coldhearted queen of giving.  
  • Cards that Disappointed Me—Abe Sargent’s deep cuts into his Deck of Happiness and Joy can help casual deckbuilders everywhere maintain focus and consistency. 
  • Tribal Week 45—Gianluca Aicardi breaks down the Tribal meta where Humans have become very popular the top decks demonstrate the variety of the format. 
  • Mono-Black Pauper—Alex Rekdahl has a card-advantage machine tuned for the current Pauper environment. 


Miscellaneous and Theory

  • Day by Day—Conley Woods looks back the lessons he’s learned working with the Channel Fireball team over the past year culminating in his stellar Worlds performance.
  • The Most Horrible Fates of Magic—John Dale Beety takes a light-hearted look at the darkest hour for doomed MtG creatures.
  • The Art of Doug Chaffee—After Chaffee’s recent passing his magic-related art is now on the open market.  Mike Linnemann reviews each piece including the art of Boros Swiftblade, Cheatyface, and No Quarter.
  • Altered Reality Challenge #4—Sanderline and Eric Klug took home top honors in the Winter Wonderland challenge for card alterers.
  • Talk Some Essence into You—It’s easy enough to transform all werewolves in Innistrad, but how quickly can you flip the five Saviors of Kamigawa Legends?  Take up Nathan Weizenbaum’s challenge and find out.

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