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This Week in Magic 12/11 - 12/17



Standard and Block

  • Evolving Wolf Run Ramp—Melissa DeTora isn’t about to let Wolf Run Ramp rest on its laurels of winning Worlds.
  • Six Names for No—Alexander Shearer’s pie charts reveal what counters are getting run alongside Mana Leak.
  • The Invitational and What to Look Out For—($SCG) Brad Nelson puts you on guard against emerging decks like Five-Color Control.
  • Vengeance Control—Frank Lepore has nicknamed Sorin’s Vengeance “Cruel Ultimatums” since it packs such a punch in this Grixis build.
  • The Humanity—Jon Corpora, inspired by Teddy Card Game, runs UW Humans up against an FNM buzzsaw.
  • Ooze Combo—Just when you thought it was safe to stop running graveyard hate Mike Cannon has Necrotic Combo deck for the budget players.
  • Foray into Innistrad Block Constructed—Adrian Posoiu is off and running  with Township Tokens.


  • Spiders—LSV later complained that the popularity of this article made the fringe archetype nearly unplayable.
  • ISD  #4—Nassim Ketita reads the signals and makes a bold move into red.
  • When Drafts Go Bad—Carrie Oliver recovers a busted draft with an aggressive deck that just barely misses 3-0.
  • Limited in Retrospect—Stidjen reflects on a three-color deck from a four-pack draft.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Punishing Fire and the Will to Survive—Todd Anderson looks at some of the most powerful cards in Modern and the Geist Zoo that runs them.  Read on for a Legacy Stoneblade list.
  • How to Kill Everyone with UW Stoneblade—($) Drew Levin’s second most-read article of the week details the strength of Stoneblade.
  • On a Budget—Caleb Durward has Legacy lists for the paupers and tightwads in your playgroup.
  • Between Feast and Famine—Brian DeMars ran Countertop Esperblade to a 26th place finish after a rough start thanks to a couple of big top-deck draws.
  • Classic Review of the Year—Andrew Phillips believes that the Power 9 will be released  online, so this may be the last year of Classic as we know it.

Casual and Variant Format


Miscellaneous and Theory

  • Tactical Magic, Round Three—Chingsung Chang finds a practical application of Card Economy in today’s Solar Flare decks.
  • Becoming a MtG Artist, Part Two—Mike Linnemann lists the best art blogs in the business and provides tips both practical and inspirational for aspiring artists.
  • Long Overdue—Jeremy Froggatt’s collection was stolen, but then recovered by police.  He’s rejoined  the community and is back in the alteration game with a stylized Maze of Ith.

Tezzeret, Beginnings—Issar Roon spins an intricate tale of the ‘walker from Esper.

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