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This Week in Magic 12/15- 12/22



Standard and Block

  • Back to  Brewing—($SCG) Patrick Chapin is brewing up a storm of interesting Standard  decks.
  • Hate—Mike Flores runs down a few of the interesting directions being taken in Standard including packing hate such as Torpor Orb.
  • BUG Tezzeret—Frank Lepore shares yet another deck.
  • Esper Gauntlet—LSV bashes through Birthing Pod with his Esper build to kick off this week’s gauntlet.  Josh Silvestri shares his thoughts on the deck here.
  • Proliferate  Red—Darwin Kastle’s twisted take on RDW includes Tezzeret’s Gambit.


  • Drafting Innistrad for Dummies—Marc Anderson’s excellent run-down of Innistrad archetypes and the cards gain value once you are on point.
  • Milling yourself to Victory—Melissa Detora on how Spiders and Burning Vengeance can help you deck your opponent.
  • An Uncommon Synergy—Noah Weil learns a format by playing with its commons, but feels he’s mastered it when he’s embraced its uncommons.
  • ISD#5—Mike Nass starts off down a spiritual UW path, but then jumps into Red after it appears to be wide open.
  • Masque Block Pulls into Port—Enderfall of Mtgoacademy provides a  strategy guide for drafting Masques.
  • ‘Tis the Season—Zach Whitten tries his hand at drafting Mercadian Masques.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Format

Miscellaneous and Theory

  • My Penultimate Step—Mike Linnemann is taking a full time job at Fantasy Flight Games, he looks at the status of ten of his long-term projects.
  • Mortal Combat—PVDdR gets theoretical about the red zone on the battlefield.
  • 3-D Dragons—Andrew Sitte loves how dragon artwork translates into three dimensions. Today  he shares his Scion.

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