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This Week in Magic 9/2-9/8



  • Introducing Planeswalker Points—WotC’s official announcement on the new rating system and its impact of organized play.
  • Talking About Planeswalker Points—Trick Jarrett tells the tale of an epic boardroom meeting and Mike Turian’s big announcement.
  • How I became and Archmage—LSV shares his thoughts on the Planeswalker Points system that rewards players for playing often and even more for winning.
  • Player of the Year Update—Owen Turtenwald currently holds a three points lead over LSV and a four point margin over Stark and Watanabe.
  • MTG Comics—IDW Publishing announces a new comic book series centered around Magic characters and storylines.

Standard and Block

  • Brewing Blade Breaker (SCG$) — Brian Kibler took advantage of a stale metagame and brewed up this potent RG concoction.
  • Looking at Standard with Innistrad—Ashley Morway does not feel Tempered Steel will be the strongest deck post rotation.  Find out why and check out some of her speculative lists.
  • 53 FNM’s #3—Jon Copora runs a “cute” Splinter Twin deck with a sneaky Lavamancer out of the sideboard.


  • Walking through M12 Draft—Nassim Ketita stays the course with Green White in this walkthrough and the strategy pays off.
  • M12 Draft #3—David Ochoa sees white dry up in pack three and then builds an aggressive deck in three colors.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Modern after PT Philadelphia—Josh Silvestri ponders changes to the ban list and combo killers that might include an updated B/R list.
  • Pro Tour Philly and the Modern Debut (SCG$) — Patrick Chapin considers the health of the format after the prevalence of the turn-three kill.
  • Designing Naya in Modern—Matt Sperling on why he decided not to run Nacatls and cut a ‘Goyf.
  • Modern Madness—Francis Toussaint shares his Cascading LD deck and several other Modern decks that caught his eye.
  • RG Shamans—Michele Furno is here to remind everyone that Bloodbraid Elf is, in fact, a Shaman with this budget-friendly Modern deck.
  • Turboland—Adam Barnello loves playing Constant Mists and is excited for Bribery to become a sideboard staple.
  • Modern Burn—Mike Cannon’s budget build might be just fast enough to hold its own in the combo-centric metagame.
  • Attacking the Format—Caleb Durward revitalizes Merfolk, an archetype that’s been on the decline in Legacy.
  • Demon Oath—Mark Hornung raves about this Vintage deck bypasses the banning of Demonic Tutor by combining Rune Scarred Demon and Oath of Druids.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Unpacking Mirror Mastery—Bennie Smith retools the preconstructed Commander deck to better suit Riku of the Two Reflections.
  • My Planeswalker Commander Deck—Love  rocking your ‘Walkers?  Then Abe Sargent has the deck for you!
  • Commander Confessional—Jeremy Blair and his feels a little remorseful as he shares his mono-blue Wizards build.
  • Commander Box: Introduction—Adam Styborski polls readers on his innovative concept for extra EDH staples.
  • The Mimeoplasm—Sheldon Menery is Bound and Determined to play this Commander who oozes with powerful possibilities.  Also, check out some amazing alters created by Gus Schade.


Theory and Miscellany

  • The Road to the WPN—Don Wiggins of Don’s Magic and Sundry has chronicled his path from fledgling to tournament promoter, to sanctioned organizer, to blogosphere celebrity.
  • The Story of Watchwolf92—Jonathan Sukenik tells the tale of how he went infinite online and shares the decklists that helped get him there.
  • Aggro-Control in Every Format Ever—Gavin Verhey introduces his concept of a deck template by examining previously successful decks and building a deck for a hypothetical format.
  • Initial Impressions—Usman Jamil shares his Cube designer’s perspective and an important lesson on evaluating new spoilers.
  • Tilting in Magic—Noah Long walks potentially volatile players through the two-step process of awareness and acceptance.
  • Designing Mechanics—Gregory Marques explains why top-down mechanic design has become a popular methodology.
  • The Llanowar Sentinel—Debbie Freeland lampoons Finkel-gate and Innistrad’s racy artwork.
  • Mage Craft Cocktails: Innistrad—MJ Scott slings drinks fit for Liliana and Garruk.

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