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Wizards Registers Cube Related Trademark


We have learned to keep an eye on the US Patent Office to catch hints at upcoming Magic products. Wizards is of course aware of this trend, and has in the past tricked them with red herrings and unobvious names amidst a bunch of renewals. Today though there is one glaringly new trademark in the database:

Our best guess is that this is a sneak peek at the 2012 Summer of Multiplayer product which will be the follow-up to this year's Commander decks. Perhaps a product akin to the Deck Builder's toolkit but more broad in its contents? Wizards of course would not comment on this new trademark, so we are left to our own imaginations until more news comes out.

Not sure what 'Cube' is? There is an excellent FAQ up on Tom LaPille's website: The Cube FAQ

What do you all think?

Update: Twitter user @BLeighton1982 rightly points out that a peek at the contents of the trademark filing clearly points to this being for Magic Online or some other computer related venture. We've included a capture of the filing below.

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