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Snow Tails Board Game

Snow Tails Board Game


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Product Details

Deep inside the Arctic Circle, brave sledders compete in a dangerous race to test their skill and endurance. But this snowy paradise conceals icy traps, and not all the teams will reach the

finish line. The huskies must run quickly and their masters must display finesse and cool-headedness if they are to avoid the numerous pitfalls around the track.

To help them on their way, the players have cards with different values that will make their dogs run at a more or less high speed. They have to manage their hand well in order to slide, increase speed, or slow down at just the right time. Only a keen tactical awareness will enable

them to avoid the trees blocking the way or prevent them from skidding right off the track.
Play Time:
  • Double-sided Starting grid section
  • Double-sided Finish line section
  • 8 Double-sided straight sections
  • 4 Double-sided corner sections
  • 2 Double-sided U-turn sections
  • 5 Wooden dog team pieces
  • 32 Brake markers
  • 5 Packs of 20 dog cards
  • 20 Dent cards
  • 5 Sled mats
  • 20 Wooden saplings
  • 1 Big Paws token
  • 1 Rulebook

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