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Cluzzle 2nd Edition Board Game

Cluzzle 2nd Edition Board Game


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Product Details

Cluzzle is a fun-filled game that combines creativity, communication, strategy, and self-expression. In Cluzzle, players outwit their opponents through obscure sculptures, tricky questions, and insightful guessing.

The game has two fun phases: sculpting and guessing. In the first phase, every player creates a Cluzzle, a clay puzzle, from one of the subjects on a random game card. Then comes the guessing. There are three rounds in which players ask yes/no questions to figure out what you have created.

A good Cluzzle is one that cannot be solved until several yes/no questions have been asked. In fact, you get more points the longer it takes others to figure out your sculpture. So why not make a horribly unrecognizable blob? The kicker is that if your Cluzzle is not correctly guessed by the end of the game, then you'll receive zero points for it! A perfect Cluzzle is one that is not immediately recognizable but also not too obscure.

Cluzzle is a fast-paced game filled with laughter and incredulous eye-rolls as players fumble their way to deciphering your clay puzzle!
Play Time:
  • 110 Cluzzle Cards
  • 6 Colors of Clay
  • 6 Sculpting Boards
  • 1 Centerboard
  • 12 Question Tokens
  • 200 Guess Sheets
  • 6 Pencils
  • 96 Bills
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Full Color Rules

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