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Barbarossa: Crimea

Barbarossa: Crimea


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Product Details

This is a two-player operational level game depicting the battles in the Crimean peninsula of the Soviet Union during 1941 and 1942. Beginning in mid-October 1941 and ending in January 1942, it completes the year 1941 in this series of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. And it includes 1942 scenarios of the continued fighting in Crimea until the historical fall of the great Soviet naval fortress Sevastopol in July 1942.

This comprehensive game system was designed at a scale for divisions but it accommodates the many independent brigades, regiments, and special battalions that were also available for this campaign. These include units for rocket artillery, heavy artillery, armored trains, assault guns, engineers, Stukas, Sturmoviks, anti-aircraft guns, waffen SS, NKVD, militia, base units, naval units, and more. You have reinforcement options to tailor your army to fight a full campaign with many historical variables.

All games in this series share the same game mechanics. Veteran East Front Series (EFS) players will find much here that is familiar. Such mechanics include ranged artillery, air units for close support or interdiction, Soviet HQs, retreat or stand orders, weather, reaction movement, railroad movement, strategic movement, overruns, combined arms, fortifications, special supply situations, and more. Veteran players should be able to pick up game play right away, and for them we have clarified many game procedures. For those who are new to the series, examples of play will be found in the rules book as well as a Learning scenario to fully illustrate game play and some of the decision making for each battle.

Barbarossa: Crimea challenges you to balance your attack and defense in each sector of the game map, regardless of scenario. Neither side has sufficient resources in either troops or supplies so the key to winning will be good game play and a sound plan. Can you do better than the titans that struggled for the Ukraine in the summer and fall of 1941?
Sub Category:
  • Two 22''x34'' maps
  • One 17''x22'' map
  • 700 counters
  • Revised Series rulebook
  • Scenario book
  • Player aid cards
  • Set up cards

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