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Descent: The Road to Legend Expansion

Descent: The Road to Legend Expansion


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Product Details

The Overlords have always been a threat to the people of Terrinoth. But now, one has emerged from the darkness and laid claim to the surface world.

There is still a glimmer of hope, however. Four heroes have gathered to hold the line between the city of Tamalir and the Overlord's evil grasp, but if they fail all is lost, forever.

It is now, when the fate of the world lies in the balance, that great men and women must walk the road to legend.

Descent: the Road to Legend features:

* An advanced campaign mode allowing the heroes to keep their skills and items as they grow more powerful over time, and culminating in one climactic battle between the Heroes and the Overlord himself.

* The battle leaving the dungeons at last! An overworld map and outdoor encounters detail the Heroes' adventures aboveground throughout the lands of Terrinoth.

* A new random dungeon generation system that delivers the campaign in bite-sized chunks. A stopping point is never further than an hour away.

* New Dice, Items, Terrain, and more to expand your Descent Experience!

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