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Planet Steam

Planet Steam


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Product Details

The discovery of valuable ores and other resources has led to the founding of a new colony, hidden away in an untouched corner of a steam-powered world. It won't stay untouched for long, however; prospectors from all over are boarding their airships and then risking a trip across the Boiling Sea to stake their claim. Can you outbid and outbuy your rivals to acquire the most wealth?

In Planet Steam, two to five players take the roles of entrepreneurs in a steampunk boomtown, racing to assemble equipment, claim plots of land, extract resources, and accumulate riches. After harvesting resources using tanks and converters, players must buy and sell their newfound materials in a volatile and ever-shifting market. The one who earns the most income will, in the end, be victorious. However, only through shrewd resource management and clever manipulation of supply and demand can any player reign supreme!
  • 1 Game Board, 1 Rulebook, and 5 Reference Sheets
  • 35 Plastic Tanks with 55 Converter and Supercharger attachments
  • 1 Support Airship Marker with Plastic Stand
  • 67 Cards
  • 1 Six-Sided Die
  • Nearly 350 Markers and Tokens

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