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Product Details
Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category:
Ages: 8+
Players: 2 - 4
Play Time: 30 - 40 minutes
Designer: Eric Zimmerman
Publisher: Funforge
Contents: 24 cardboard Modular map tiles
4 cardboard Command sheets
31 Command cards
22 Gambit cards
28 Faction dice in 4 colors (7 dice/color)
28 plastic Quantum cubes in 4 colors (7 cubes/color)
2 Combat dice (white & black)
1 rulebook
1 Custom maps sheet


Passport Game Studios

4.4 (Avg. 4.4 from 259 ratings)

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Includes a full set of replacement dice.

Launch the long-range scout! Move the Flagship into orbital position! And reconfigure that Battlestation!

Your squadron of loyal starships, powered by quantum probability itself, carries the might of your people to the far-flung stars. The fleet is yours to command.

Quantum won the 2012 Game Design Award at the IndieCade Festival of Independent Games, as a prototype game with the title Armada d6.

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