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Realm of Light Structure Deck

Realm of Light Structure Deck

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Realm of Light focuses on the Lightsworn Deck theme, which has been a very popular Deck for a number of years; reprints of Lightsworn cards have been the primary drivers for other products. Now with Realm of Light, this 41-card set contains 4 brand new cards and 37 reprints, including 1 new card created specifically for the Americas market! Lightsworn Monsters are blessed with incredible effects, high ATK/DEF, or both; this Structure Deck comes with the most powerful of the Lightsworn forces and allies from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX era and beyond.

Lightsworn has never had Extra Deck monsters before, but that all changes with an all-new Syncro Monster, Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn, capable of banishing any enemy card while refilling your Deck and your Life Points! The Deck also includes 2 Lightsworn Tuner monsters! Finally, a vulnerability of Lightsworn Decks is finally redressed with Lightsworn Sanctuary, a world-premiere Spell Card!

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