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Greenland Second Edition

Greenland Second Edition


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Product Details

The three players represent the Tunit (green), Norse (red), and Thule (yellow) tribes fighting to survive in Greenland in the 11th - 15th centuries. Each tribe sends hunters to gather food and fuel to support their children, elders, and livestock while collecting victory points by wiping out competing species or gathering resources. Historically, the climate turned frigid and all but the Thule (Inuit) died out.
Play Time:
  • -60 Cards (animals, resources, inventions, domesticated animals, daughters, elders, events, the New World)
  • -48 tokens representing energy, ivory, and iron
  • -57 wooden cubes (8mm and 10mm) representing alphas, elders, hunters, husbands, and colonists
  • -Rules and historical background, 36 pages
  • -6 six-sided dice, used for Attacks, Hunt Roll and Elder Die-Off
  • -Box (5" X 5" X 1.75")

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