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Cthulhu's Vault
Cthulhu's Vault
Cthulhu's Vault
Cthulhu's Vault

Cthulhu's Vault


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Product Details

In this story-telling game, players work together to craft a story in the horror mythos universe of H. P. Lovecraft. During the first Mystery Stage, each player takes turn telling the story using over-sized story cards full of rich artwork to inspire your own unique and fantastic tale.

As the story is told, the players acquire investigator and cultist tokens to determine which player will awaken and become the Ancient One. Once the Ancient One is awoken by one of the players, the second and final Epic Battle Stage begins, during which all other players will assume the role of an Investigator and must work together to defeat the Great Old One. For 3 to 6 players ages 10 and up, with average play time of 30 to 45 minutes. For card sleeving, use 3 packs of Tarot sized (teal label) and 2 packs of Standard sized (white label) sleeves.
  • -Over-sized Ancient One Cards (11)
  • -Over-sized Story Cards (85)
  • -Over-sized Investigator Cards (9)
  • -Ancient One Player Aid Card
  • -Investigator Battle Cards (Standard European Size, 32)
  • -Ancient One Battle Cards (standard European Size, 16)
  • -Battle Order Cards (Standard European Size, 12)
  • -Single Cultist Tokens (28)
  • -Double Cultist Tokens (7)
  • -Single Investigator Tokens (28)
  • -Double Investigator Tokens (7)
  • -D6 Dice (3)
  • -Rule book

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