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Pirates of the 7 Seas

Pirates of the 7 Seas


Sorry, this product is not currently available.

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Product Details

The design team behind the smash-hit Mysterium invites you to enter into unknown waters with Pirates of the 7 Seas! And they mean it: All hands ahoy, because this isn't you're average pirate game. In Fact, it's unlike any board game.

Take a turn for the topay-turvy, as the top of the box tin serves as your board, your dice are your ships and where they land on the board means as much as what you roll! Choose to remain an independent vagabond, or maybe cut a deal with the Governor to become "official" in your pirating ways. Consult with a shaman to curse the other pirates or pay a visit to the cartographer to find a map with some hidden treasure.

The pirate with the most booty will win the day, but a pirate's life isn't always on the up and up. Savvy?

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