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Category: Periodicals
Category: Wargames
Sub Category: World War II
Mechanics: Hex-and-Counter
Ages: 13+
Players: 1 - 2
Play Time: 240 - 300 minutes
Designer: Joseph Miranda
Publisher: Decision Games
Our Price: $25.49
Contents: * One 22 x 34 inch map
* 228 counters
* Magazine with historical background

World at War 53: Strike & Counterstrike

Decision Games

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Strike & Counterstrike (SCS) is purpose-designed solitaire wargame that covers the Soviet counteroffensive against German Army Group Center (AGC) from early December 1941 to the end of April 1942. The single player actively commands the Soviet forces, while

the rules system directs him in the deployment of the opposing German force. The player wins with the Soviets by seizing control of key territorial objectives. Games may also end in draws or German victories. Strike & Counterstrike shares the same system with Rampage,

Stalingrad Cauldron, and Panzers East, there are differences in their details of play.

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