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Players: 2
Designer: David Esbri
Artist: Cels Pinol
Publisher: Devir
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Fanhunter: Urban Warfare


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Fanhunter: Urban Warfare is a fight between fans of geek culture and the self-proclaimed Pope Alejo, tyrannical dictator and bringer of boredom and apathy. Alejo is on a mission to rid the population of all things cool. No comics, no video games, no board games, no movies. Using tactics learned through all the things they love, fans form The Resistance to resist (obviously, right?) Alejo's troops, the Fanhunters, who suppress the population, confiscate their stuff, and leave them with constant reruns of Little House on the Prairie on the Pope's TV channel.

Are you a Fanhunter or part of The Resistance? Play out the scenarios in this strategy game (with 35 finely detailed miniatures!) and bring the delirium and nonsense of this universe straight to your table.

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