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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game (Ding & Dent)

Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game (Ding & Dent)


Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Limit 2 per customer.
Notes: Ding & Dent copies have minor box damage. The interior game components are undamaged.

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Product Details

Will Sarah manage to defeat Jareth and his Labyrinth, or will the Goblin King turn little Toby into a goblin babe? You have thirteen hours to find out and the clocking is ticking.

This is the maze that players must navigate every time they wish to save Sarah's baby brother. Each game is different with the blank card spaces being filled with the magical encounters and monsters that are depicted on the deck of cards that comes with the game, this ensures a great deal of replayability and unpredictability in the game, giving the Labyrinth its signature feel.

The game consists of two distinct stages, one where the group must adventure through the labyrinth trying to find the goblin city whilst keeping their willpower as high as possible (nobody wants to fall into the oubliette!), and a second action-packed stage where the players must fight their way into Jareth's castle where Sarah must say the magical words that will release her brother.

*NOTE: Miniatures are unpainted.
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • 5 Figurines
  • 16 page Rulebook
  • Game board (24" x 24")
  • 32 Labyrinth Cards
  • 30+ Game Tokens
  • 6 Polyhedral Dice
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 4 Character sheets
  • 4 Ability Cards
  • 4 Weakness Cards
  • 4 Card Stand-ups
  • 1 Goblin Clock

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